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Expert-Led Coil Cleaning Services

At Air Conditioning Miami, we understand that improper refrigerant levels, worn out condensers and compressors as well as dirty coils can cause inefficiencies in your AC system. Subsequently, an inefficient AC system leads to high utility bills and forces the compressor to work extra hard thus shortening its lifespan. Instead of suffering the consequence of all these things, we can help you enhance the overall operation efficiency of your AC system by working on your coils.

Because heat exchange determines the efficiency of air conditioning system, we have developed coil cleaning methods at Air Conditioning Miami to help you deep clean your condenser and air handler coils. Our cleaning methods apply the right pressure and flow rate to ensure the cleaning solution penetrates your coils without damaging the fins which are considered sensitive. Our service technicians are certified and employ safe cleaning practices to ensure you get the best outcome.

Dangers of Dirty Coils


There are lots of reasons why you need to have your coils cleaned. Because many homeowners tend to focus more on the downside rather than the benefits of clean coils, below is a highlight of what you could suffer if your coils are dirty.

Higher Utility Bills –When your coils are dirty, the compressor is forced to work harder and run longer than should be the case, hence utilizing more energy and shortening the life span of the component. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a dirty condenser coil can push up the uptake of energy by the compressor to levels above 30%.

Excessive Repair Bills- Because your system works harder and runs for longer hours to try and keep your indoor space cool. This wears down some of the parts and this means frequent and costly repairs.
Loss of Cooling Capacity- Condenser and evaporator coils are the key components in the heat exchange process. When these parts are coated with grime and dirt, they become insulated and lose their ability to cool the air flowing over them.

Coil Cleaning Frequency

As the homeowner, you need to ensure that a coil cleaning program is in place when the coil is still new and clean. You can either go for monthly cleanups or do a quarterly cleanup. Taking to our coil cleaning experts at Air Conditioning Miami can help a great deal.

How we Clean Coils

Before embarking on the coil cleaning process, we first asses the degree of contamination of your coils with a view to designing a cleaning approach.

Blowing Compressed Air
Where the contamination is light and the dirt or dust loosely hanging on the fins, we blow low pressure compressed air over the fins or alternatively use a soft-bristled brush to get the job done. In some cases, we may simply apply plain water or a mild and eco-friendly detergent to the surface and allowing it to sit for a while and thereafter rinsing it.

Steam Cleaning
This is an option we also use to clean coils; however, it requires extra care. We usually apply the steam at low pressure and parallel to the fins so that folding of the fins is avoided at all costs.

Application of Foam on Coil Surface

Here, our technicians use a garden-type pump sprayer to apply foaming chemical on the coil surface. Once the foam has settled on the fins long enough to saturate them, we them vacuum it and repeat the process before finally rinsing the coil with clean water.

Depending on the situation, we may also use pressure washers to clean your coil.

Let Us Clean Your Coils today!

We use safe chemicals in the cleaning process because we are environmentally-conscious. As part of the coil cleaning process our technicians also clean the condensate pan and check for proper drainage.