Do I really need to clean my ducts?

According the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, duct work needs to be cleaned every 5-10 years depending on maintance habits of your air conditioning unit. Virtually all the dirt, dust and debris in your vents are coming from the physical air-conditioning unit.

What is the best equipment to use?

Currently the top of the line equipment for cleaning your air duct is to use a 3 ton HEPA filter vacuum in conjunction with air pressure at each vent.

How often should I get my a/c unit checked out?

Getting a tune up on your unit at least once a year can help you save a lot of money in the long run. There are many different types of maintenance that should be done on the air condition unit frequently. Flushing your drain lines, replacing the filters, lubing the motor parts, adding Freon if needed these are all simple services that can seriously increase the longevity of your unit.


Why does my unit keep leaking water?

When an air conditioning unit is cooling the home it produces a large amount of excess water the gets flushed out of the home through your drain lines. A very frequent issue that occurs is for those drain lines to become clogged up with dirt and algae growth. When your drain lines are completely clogged up the water has nowhere to go and start to overfill the drain pan. Simple flushing of the drain lines as well as Clorox poured into the lines can go a long way to prevent any water from leaking into the home.


Why do I need to clean my dryer vent and how often should it be done?


As your dryer machine dries the clothing it pushes all the excess warm and humid air out of the home through a dedicated exhaust. In addition to lots of air being pushed through this vent a decent amount of lint and dust particles are also being sent into your dryer vent. Over the course of several years this lint will build up to the point that it severely restricts or even completely clogs up the vent leaving the excess moisture with nowhere to escape to.  Aside from causing your dryer to not work as efficiently as it should it can damage your dryer machine and is considered a fire hazard.

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