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Is Your AC System Using Genuine R-22 Refrigerant?

Refrigerant-r22If you have an older AC system which uses the R-22 coolant, you have every reason to be observant whenever your HVAC contractor is recharging your coolant. R-22 which is also known as Freon is slowly being phased out and in a few years to come, it will be scarce if not unavailable. This will make it very expensive to obtain. The Environmental Protection Agency has discovered that a number of contractors are using unapproved and off brand refrigerants which pose a risk of damaging your AC or even causing fire.

R-22a Coolant

This is one of the unapproved coolants manufactured by Enviro-Safe which has been found to cause explosions and fires. In one instance in 2015, the manufacturer was fined $300,000 and marketing of the same was ceased. R-22a uses propane and does not have the capacity to handle the level of pressure and flammability coolants go through. Technicians who are working on HVAC systems that were incorrectly recharged at some point are the ones who are more susceptible to the fire hazards.

Approved Alternative R-22 Coolants

The production of R-22 systems in the United States ceased in 2010 and instead R410A systems are the ones being rolled out into the market. However, this doesn’t mean that R-22 systems are no longer in use. As a matter of fact, there are millions of these systems installed in homes hence the need to be concerned on how they are recharged. The price of R-22 has gone up in the recent past as a result of its gradual phase out. This is what has pushed many homeowners to seek for alternative sources.

The approved R-22 alternatives include R407A and R407C. Inasmuch as they are not as effective as the original R-22 which is recommended by the authorities, they are considered safe blends.

Read the Labels Carefully

It is important that you closely read the labels on the refrigerants your contractor plans to use as this is one way to protect yourself against scams. Any one suspecting that certain technicians are using unapproved coolants, must report such suspicion to investigators. When you note product names such as R12A, R-22a and R290, you must immediately stop the technician because such products are not allowed as alternatives to R-22. EPA has a full list of prohibited and acceptable R-22 alternatives. The federal law also requires that any person working on a system that uses a refrigerant whether low pressure, high pressure, or below 5 pounds, they must have the Section 608 certification from EPA.

Dealing With Emergency AC Repairs

emergency ac repair

emergency ac repair

Air conditioning units can malfunction anytime and if emergency AC repair needs are not attended to in a timely fashion, it can make your life miserable and can even aggravate the problems further resulting in huge expenses. It is therefore best to make sure that you get in touch with professional AC repair company in Boca Raton immediately. Get your Air conditioning units inspected as soon as you notice signs of problems.

One of the problems or challenges here is that most of us are not aware when we should consider it an emergency situation when it comes to AC repairs. In most cases we wait until the unit goes dead completely before we called the Boca Raton AC repair company or duct repair Boca Raton company. You will be able to save a lot of money by regularly servicing your HVAC unit. By calling your AC cleaning company regularly you will be able to keep your HVAC units running at its optimum efficiency. On the one hand, this will ensure that your AC unit is running perfectly without any problem and on the other hand you will also tend to save a considerable amount of money on your energy bills.

South Florida’s Emergency AC Repair Experts

When it comes to dealing with emergency AC repair needs you must make sure to call the best AC repair companies in Boca Raton. When you are in emergency situation you will not have the time or patience to review numerous service providers or to get multiple quotes. You are most likely to hire the first AC repair company or air duct cleaning Boca Raton company that you come across. This can subject you to a considerable amount of risk as you will never know what type of AC repair company that you are dealing with until you have used their services. One of the best ways to go about it is to spend some time in reviewing your AC repair company when you are not in any emergency needs. You can test the services of your AC cleaning company by calling them for your air duct cleaning needs. If you are satisfied with the quality of the services rendered you can move them to your list of most preferred service providers. This will help you get experienced and trusted technicians to attend to your problems when you are in an emergency AC repair situation.

Another advantage with the above approach is that you will not have to worry about spending hot summer nights without air conditioning because you will be able to get the best technicians to attend to your problems immediately and have the problems rectified immediately.

Most importantly, the AC repair company that you hire should be a trustworthy company so that they do not bill you unnecessarily. You need to be cautious while hiring your AC repair companies so that you are not taken for a ride. Don’t be careless while choosing your AC repair company to get your AC system work quickly.

Important Credentials Of Air Conditioning Repair Company

Air Conditioning Repair Company

Air Conditioning Repair Company

Some time or the other all of us look for help from our local air conditioning repair company. Air conditioning units require regular maintenance and needs to be looked at by air conditioning repair professionals. Though this is a service that we require regularly most of us do not know what to look for while hiring their air conditioning repair company or air conditioning service provider. Here are few important factors that you must take into consideration before you hire your service providers for your AC repair needs.

Firstly, you will have to check whether your air conditioning repair company is a registered or licensed service provider to offer their service in your area. This is important because you can nullify your warranties and make yourself ineligible for insurance claims in case something should go wrong. You should hire only registered HVAC technicians.

Always Look For Nate Certified HVAC Technicians

The next important factor that you should consider is whether your HVAC technicians possess adequate experience. It might be a registered company but it might have just few weeks of experience in this field, you will put yourself to disadvantageous position by hiring inexperienced companies. One of the major problems here is that your company will not be able to identify the problems with your air conditioning unit easily if they lack experience and their diagnosis may also go wrong making things worse. Always go for companies that have been in this industry for quite sometime.

Thirdly, you should also check whether your air conditioning repair company is insured. This is a very crucial factor to consider because if there should be an accident you will be subjected to liability issues if your insurance company is not insured. Added to that, if there should be any problem during the repair process which happens because of the technician’s fault, you will be forced to spend out of your pocket to rectify the problem in case your air conditioning service provider is not insured for such scenarios. Do not take chances, review your HVAC repair companies carefully and ensure that your service provider is bonded and insured.

Beware! Not All Air Conditioning Companies Qualified To Work With Your Insurance

There is yet another more important credential and that is the reputation of the insurance company. Your insurance company should enjoy good reputation in the industry for providing dependable air conditioning repair services. In case there should be a problem here, even if the other criteria are satisfied, it is best to look for another service provider. Choosing a reputed air conditioning repair company gives you an added advantage. Firstly, you know that they will provide dependable service and that is why they enjoy good reputation and secondly reputed companies will not like to lose their reputation because it is their trump card in the industry that has very high competition so they will not do anything that will risk their reputation. Such companies will make sure that they offer satisfactory service to their customers. So make prudent decisions while choosing your air conditioning company.

Knowing When To Call Your Air Conditioning Repair Company

Air Conditioning Repair Company

Air Conditioning Repair Company

Are you running into frequent AC repair problems? Do you keep hearing from your air conditioning repair professionals that if only you were to call them little earlier you could have saved a great deal of money? Do you not know when it is required to call your AC repair company and when it is not required to call your AC repair technicians? As a homeowner you should know when to call your air conditioning repair company. When you call your air conditioning repair companies at the right time you will be able to save yourself from a lot of problems and unnecessary expenses.

One of the key factors to remember when it comes to air conditioning repairs is not to wait for too long when things go wrong. If you wait for too long to call your air conditioning repair company the problems you are facing will only aggravate.

Taking preventive approach is the best approach to AC maintenance. Have your own regular schedule for calling your air conditioning service providers. When your AC repair technicians visit you regularly, they will be able to detect the problems well in advance or right at the onset of the problems.

If you start hearing any unusual noise from your air conditioning unit then it should be considered a warning bell and know that it is time to call your air conditioning company. What initially starts as a minor and almost unnoticeable noise can turnout to be a huge problem. Experienced AC repair professionals will be able to spot the problems correctly and help you prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Prevent Expensive Repair With HVAC Service Contract

Another preventive measure that you should consider is regular air duct cleaning. This will prevent your air ducts from becoming a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. If you wait for too long clogged air ducts will start polluting your indoor environment and affect your air quality. Over a period of time your air conditioning unit will have to slog for longer hours to keep your rooms warm or to cool your rooms. This is one of the major reasons why many air conditioning units break down. Many people complain that their air conditioning units break down without any warning. Actually that is not the case in most situations. You just need to perceptive to the warning signs shown by your air conditioning units. If you think that you are unable to notice such changes and warnings, you should at least get your air conditioning technicians to take a look at your units periodically so that they can help you spot the problems long before they turn into a key reason for the break down of your air conditioning units and help you save a lot of money on expensive repairs.

Many home owners are today turning to such preventive approach because they have learnt through expensive mistakes. Avoid making such mistakes and protect your air conditioning units from serious maintenance related issues. Have the contact details of an experienced air conditioning repair company handy so that you can readily get professional help when required.

Many Benefits Of HVAC Air Conditioning Services

Benefits Of HVAC

Benefits Of HVAC

Home is the place where you would like to return back after a hard day’s work. There can be no better feeling than just to relax on your favorite couch after the day’s hectic schedule. This feeling might be hampered if the temperature of the room fails to tune up with your liking. In this sphere HVAC air conditioning plays a significant role in offering you with the needed comfort level. Apart from adjusting the temperature of the room, these heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems also filter the air that you inhale.

A HVAC air conditioning system is very much helpful as far as heating your home during winters or cooling your home during summers is concerned. It also intends to protect the home from the pollution. The air outside the home is infected due to pollutants and other filth’s. These filth’s tend to have a crude impact on the human health.

Choose The Right HVAC Contractor

HVAC air conditioning services block all the pollutants from entering the room which manages to furnish you with fresh air. It is known to all that there are also indoor impurities that can be found within the four walls of the room.

It is very difficult to get rid of this pollution. HVAC air conditioning system purifies the air which ultimately reduces the scopes of inhaling the indoor pollutants. Thus the HVAC air conditioning is just making the air quite healthier for you.

Although the benefits of the HVAC air conditioning services are many but there are also the chances of creating complications by them as they are machine after all. In order to avoid such troubles, it is advisable to get them serviced at the regular intervals. For this one must hire professional service providers as they are quite competent in this field.

UV Light Improving Air Quality From Our Rookie HVAC Technician



So like most young people my age, I struggled to find a career that both challenged me, and allowed me to do something rewarding while at the same time provided a good living. I found my calling when I started HVAC school last fall, and it was what I had been looking for all along.
HVAC allows me to flex my handy side, keeps me from sitting at a desk all day filing reports or being at another“paper or plastic” type job. Everything I have been doing from AC tune-ups to Air duct cleaning
I truly enjoy. Every work day is something different, and being down here in sunny South Florida, there is always someone who needs something air condition related. Some of the service plan calls I go out on are fairly routine air duct cleaning that are fairly straight forward, but the other day I had a service call that I found pretty cool.

Firtst Time We Installed a UV Light

We went to go install a UV Light system in a customer’s ductwork because she had a concern about the air quality that her air conditioning unit was circulating. The UV light works to improve air quality by killing micro-organisms that ordinarily thrive in air ducts and other enclosed spaces. The technology is proven and has been used in many other applications besides HVAC.
It is great for people who have allergies,and truly creates healthier and cleaner air. A huge upside is that it also significantly improves air-smell and over all air quality. I was amazed to find out how this simple product can totally transform an air conditioning units effectiveness.
The UV bulbs we installed are 100% percent safe for household use and the woman called a few days later to tell us that her daughter’s allergy attacks and uncontrollable sneezing fits were basically gone!
I am still learning about the use of UV Light in improving Air quality, and other aspects of the HVAC world, but I will be sure to keep you up-to-date on my journey through the “ducts”….

Top 3 Air Conditioning Brands

We are living the era of technology. We are surrounded by latest technological advancements that make us refreshed all the time to get involved in our work tasks. One kind of such a technological element is air conditioning system. Three air conditioning corporations are listed below to explain the readers like you to make them realize why these companies are noted for their pleasing quality of service.

Rheem Air Conditioners:

Rheem Air Conditioners are one of the many air conditioner suppliers well noted for their unique way of satisfying their customer. Before actually selling their products, they carry out set of steps to determine the actual requirement of the client. After the complete analysis of customers need, the product list is provided.

Carrier Air Conditioners:

Carrier Air Conditioners are one of the renowned air conditioner manufacturers well known for their quality of service. They perform the series of steps before providing their service to its customers. The customers who are satisfied with the product are asked for a feedback regarding the service provided to them. The company runs a regular analysis of the customers feedback for improvement of the company as well as the quality of service. It is noted that the customers started to rate the quality more than the survey done in the last quarter year.

Trane Air Conditioners:

TRANE Air Conditioners are air conditioner providers who are notable for their unique classification of the supplies. TRANE Air Conditioners helps to improve the live style of the people around the world. The products are well known for the design and compactness. The customers are explained about the method the company provides the service. The company offers product for two types of disciplines. The one part includes the products for residents and the other is dedicated for the organizations.

New Air Conditioner Rebate By Your Utility

In a bid to try and alleviate some of the pressure on the power plants, your utility has to introduced a new incentive scheme to try and persuade customers to purchase new highly efficient air conditioning units. These units are designed to provide better cooling using less energy, which in turn reduces the load on the plants, and ultimately means fewer to no power cuts in high demand times. And of course, it will lead to lower electricity bills too.

There the Utility have introduced an incentive where anyone purchasing certain air conditioners, are eligible to receive a rebate. There are conditions to this rebate, and they are:

1. The air conditioner bought must be a complete high efficiency unit. This includes both the inside and outside air conditioning components.

2. The rating of the air conditioner must have a minimum rating of 14 on the SEER scale (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating).

Save Up To $1500 On Your New Air Conditioner

The advantages of this offer are obvious. A superior air conditioning system which will keep you cooler, and cost less to run. For example, a SEER rated air conditioner of 10 will cost around $710 per year to run (at 24,000 btu/h). A SEER rated unit of 20 will cost half that price at $360 per year. A SEER rating of 14 will cost $510 per year to run. These are the costs for the smallest air conditioners. These costs will obviously be greater for larger units.

Remember, it’s the units with the ratings of 14 and above that will attract the special rebate. The amount of rebate you receive will depend on the size and SEER rating of the air conditioner you buy, so if you are thinking about replacing your old unit, now is the perfect time to do so. So head over to the Utility site and find out what air conditioner is right for you.

The Challenges In Finding Your Emergency AC Repair Company

Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC Repair

At times the air conditioning system in our homes and offices can stop working without any warning putting us through a lot of stress. If this happens especially during the summer, we need to look for a reliable air conditioning repair company immediately to take care of the issue so that we don’t sweat through the entire summer without the air conditioning system.

In case you are organizing a party in your home and expecting a lot of guests and imagine how things will turn out without the air conditioning system. Your entire party can be ruined without the air conditioning system. In such scenarios you need to look for emergency air conditioning repair service providers. Things can go wrong with your air conditioning system just the night before the party putting you through a lot of stress. Finding someone to take a look at your air conditioning unit and rectify the problems in the last minute can be highly challenging.

You will not have a lot of time to get multiple quotes for your emergency AC repair needs and you may have to go with the first quote that you get which makes things rather more challenging. Moreover, you will also not be sure whether the emergency service provider that you choose will be able to rectify the problem quickly. Your service provider should be a highly experienced service provider because only experienced AC repair companies will be able to give you quick solutions.

Prevent Expensive Emergency Repair With Service Contract

Emergency air conditioning problems can happen to anyone and all AC units are susceptible to maintenance related issues. It is therefore important that home owners do not wait until things to go wrong with their air conditioning units to start searching for their AC repair companies. By reviewing your service providers ahead of time and short listing the most preferred service providers you will be able to get the most dependable  emergency AC repair services even in emergency situations. When things go wrong with your air conditioning system you will not have to panic because you will already have a list of trusted service providers that you can contact.

You will have to make sure that the AC repair company that you are choosing offers 24 hours emergency AC repair services so that you can get help from them any time of the day or night. There is no point in calling companies that do not offer emergency repair services. Furthermore, you should also know in advance whether your service providers charge any additional fee for emergency repair services. Look for companies that offer quick quotes for your emergency AC repair needs and companies that can attend to your problems in the most cost effective manner. By taking time to review your service providers ahead of time you will be able to make sure that your air conditioning system is restored quickly saving you from sweaty summer nights. Go ahead and get ready to meet your emergency AC repair needs in the most efficient manner.

Do Air Conditioning Problems Make You Feel Nervous?

air conditioning problems

air conditioning problems

When you are approaching summer and as the heat levels go up, you will have to make sure that your air conditioning system is functioning well so that your entire family feels comfortable throughout the summer. Frequently homeowners run into problems with their air conditioning units when they need them the most during the summer months. One of the reasons for this pattern is that during summer months your air conditioning unit should work harder to keep the temperature low. It has to run for longer durations between every thermostat cycle and this can result in air conditioning repair problems.

Licensed And Insured HVAC Contractor Can Solve Any Problem

This makes many homeowners feel nervous as the summer months approach. Air conditioning problems can be minimized with proper care and maintenance. You need to keep your air conditioning duct clean and you will have to make sure that the compressor is running smoothly without any noise. If you notice that your air conditioning unit is suddenly too noisy, do not disregard this sign but call your air conditioning service provider immediately. This is where many people make mistakes. They think that the problem will disappear on its own, but it may not in most instances. You will only aggravate the problem by ignoring it for too long. You will end up spending more money than what you should on your AC repair problems.

It is best to have your AC units inspected by a professional air conditioning repair company at least once in a year to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If you were not using your air conditioning unit for a long time, you must make sure that it is tested before you switch it on for the summer. Try to attend to your AC maintenance needs before the summer months start so that you will get your AC technician before they get too busy once the summer starts. This will also protect your family from the heat of summer in case there should be something wrong with your HVAC. You will get time to fix the problem much before the summer starts.

Emergency AC Repair Can Be Expensive

In case you should suspect some problems with your air conditioning unit, you should not panic or get nervous. Get in touch with the most experienced AC repair service provider in your area that will attend to your problem promptly and provide you with professional solution. When you work with a credible company like Cool Your Air, you can be sure of getting the most cost effective solutions. You will be able to enjoy dependable solutions and not be billed for unnecessary things when you choose trustworthy service providers.

When you attend to your AC repair issues promptly you will be able to save a lot of money. Otherwise you will invite upon yourself many unnecessary expenses. So it is best to take preventive approach which is of course less expensive approach to air conditioning repairs. Start looking for the best AC repair companies in your area.